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find find out arrest records in evansville indiana

We all know that it’s hard to trust just anyone. Before the time of online free criminal records search, we all had to depend in part on our people intuition in order to judge the character of a person. We feel threatened because intuition is not as reliable as we would like to believe.

Today, however, that threat is gone. With the amount of free criminal records search available online, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Now, we can hire nannies for our children without worrying whether or not that person can be trusted to take good care of them. Now, we can hire people to work for our company, confident in the fact that he or she has a clean slate, based on the free criminal records search conducted. Now, we feel much safer working at a place where pre-employment background checks are performed, knowing that our fellow employees do not have a propensity to do crime.

But information, like all things, does not come for free. Most of the time, companies hire research firms to do their pre-employment background checks for them where a certain amount is paid in exchange for services rendered. This might not be a problem for big companies who can well afford a few bucks to perform background checks. But what if your company is not big at all and only does small-time business? Or what if you’re a mother concerned about her kid? Or a regular Joe who is planning on seeing someone in person after meeting over the Internet? This is where free criminal records search come in.

When you type “free criminal records search” on a search engine, the page would give you a whole bunch of links to web portals which keep databases of public information. But most of these sites advertise that free criminal records search. However, when you click on the link, you find that the so-called “free criminal records search” is not free at all. But don’t let this get you down. There are a few sites out there that really offer free criminal records search

People from all walks of life have a use for criminal records search.

For people who value their family, what criminal records search offers is peace of mind. You can protect the ones you love with a criminal records search that is confidential, accurate, and fast. Criminal records search helps you gain the confidence to trust day care providers, neighbors, home improvement contractors, and anyone else who has access to your family.

For employers, criminal records search offers protection for your organization. You can protect your company with comprehensive background checks, including criminal records search to make sure that you are dealing with a person with good character.

For business, criminal records search helps you manage the risks involved. A criminal records search saves you from the cost of going into business with a convicted criminal, a company on the wrong side of a lawsuit or an organization that’s been through bankruptcy.

So now that we have found out the benefits of a criminal records search, it’s time that we find out who does the job. There are actually several research firms who offer to do the job for you for a price. And there are also several web portals that keep online databases where you can conduct a criminal records search.

Criminal records check is one step of the procedure involved in due diligence research conducted on individuals. And even though our age today is referred to as “the digital age”, digitized information may not be enough in performing a comprehensive criminal records check. Often, old-fashioned “gum shoe” techniques are required and researchers find that more often than not, they must rely on less technological means to do a criminal records check.

The “Nationwide” Criminal Records Check

We have heard about the so-called “nationwide” criminal records check and we have seen many ads on Internet touting services where you could search through their “nationwide” database of criminal records. Well, we hate to burst the bubble, but there is no such thing as a nationwide criminal records check.

Only one criminal database in the United States comes pretty close to being considered as “nationwide” and it is the FBI database, which is also known as the NCIC or the National Crime Information Center. Even then, the FBI database is not considered as public record, which further means that no one can legally access the information it contains unless that someone works for criminal justice agencies.

Other Methods of Performing Criminal Records Check

So, what now? If you cannot access the FBI database, does this mean that there’s no way for you to perform your own criminal records check? On the contrary, there are thousands of separate criminal indexes maintained at the county, parish, township, and city levels throughout the United States. Nationwide criminal records check means accessing each individual index. Now, obviously, this would be difficult to achieve. In addition, it would be time-consuming, expensive, and simply not practical.

Statewide Criminal Records Check

Today, 29 states in the United States keep criminal records check repositories which are open to the public. However, from a practical viewpoint, it is better to perform a criminal records check at county level because it may take weeks and sometimes even months for the statewide index to receive information from each county. Also, some criminal data report may not make it to the statewide index, which renders it incomplete. The most thorough approach you can take therefore in your criminal records check is to go through both the statewide index and at the county level in the counties where the subject has lived.

County Level Criminal Records Check

County level criminal records check is the method used in most parts of the country. Some counties maintain an index of both felony and misdemeanor records while others offer criminal records check for each separate one.

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